Confess + Profess

Collaborator: Chrisoula Kapelonis

The workshop investigated the notion of becoming a "projector" and invited the participants to think of new forms of physical interfaces between the body, the projector and the projection screen. The intention was to enhance the performative aspect of projections in public space.

Profess | Confess explores ideas connected to privacy with our mobile devices. While in public we feel as if we can say anything on our cell phones without others eavesdropping. This phenomenon, private conversations in public space, is fueled by our disassociation of our phisical and our digital selves.

This project consisted of two helmets, one of which was a live confessional that was transmitted to a corresponding helmet to live cast the confession. The helmets provided a platform for strangers to interact and tell secrets without jeapordizing their anononymity.

The helmets are driven by pico mini projectors and built in iphone docks that run skype video calles through the attached speakers.