Medictate is a look into our cultures addiction to prescription Xanax and other anti-anxiety pills.

In Contemporary society our every day stressors are a bit less extreme, but collectively we are running out of ways to blow off the extra steam in a world that has become a breeding ground for over stimulation. Medictate is a helmet that monitors your brainwaves to make sure you stay under control.

The inside of the helmet is lined with sound proofing material to create a personal, portable, anechoic chamber. A video screen, speakers and microphone are mounted inside the helmet. On the outside of the helmet there is a camera as well as speakers for the user to talk through. As long as the user remains calm, the connection to the outside world remains open. When the user becomes over excited, the helmet starts a cooldown peried that consists of a complete disconnection from the outside world as well as a 45 second forced meditation cooldown cycle.