Protean Dreams

Protean Dream is a video game created using Unity 3D. The projects aims to find immersive ways to explore the landscape. Protean Dream’s premise stemmed from investigating Native American culture and specifically how different Native American tribes approached the existence of the four seasons.

In traditional Native American cultures, the cycle of the seasons was—and often still is—a sacred passing of time that is recognized and celebrated with ceremonies. For human beings to exist prosperiously, they must be in tune with the continually changing world around them. These ceremonies are a way of obtaining and maintaining harmony with the natural world.

The gameplay of Protean Dream centers around the user’s experience of the environment. Similar to the Medicine Wheel, Protean Dream represents the Four Seasons, The Four Stages of Life and The Four Times of Day. The player can observe nature and switch between seasons by pressing

U - I - O - P

A set of custom scripts keeps the player and camera persistant while the player roams around the landscape. This allows one to view an individual object in all Four Seasons.

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