London: Typological Imagination

This project explores the implications of the gaming server becoming more public than the city plaza. This breed of digital publicness has manifested itself into our collective typological imagination. The playground exists in a world with fully immersive gaming spaces that pair with an augmented reality arena to drive a living, working environment for the modern cyber jockey.

The created comic attempts to harness the language and storytelling ability of the graphic novel to find a new means of communication within the architectural discourse. Sometimes neon-noir and others scratchy and expressive, this comic blends architectural visualizations, technical drawings, processing coding language, and hand drawn line work to find an aesthetic style unique to this project.

Video Game superstars are a modern conundrum. Gamers is a term typically associated with pubescent teenagers living in a musty room in their parents’ house. But as gaming pushes its way into a billion dollar industry, sponsors like Nike and Redbull are catching on. With their attention came a new wave of high profile gaming tournaments and corporate sponsorships. Welcome the Professional gamer. Historically a boys club, the gaming world’s gender barrier is crumbling. In 2015, 47% of all gamers were female and 30% of professional gaming viewership rose to over 30%. The decrease in the gender gap is indicative of a decrease in the age gap as well.

Bricklane, London. London is home to one of the fastest average internet connections in the world. It does not, however, offer the lowest latency for gaming. The fast ping times in London are intended for sending large packets of data between financial centers around the world. Real time video games, However, require smaller data packets sent at blazing fast intervals. So what does this mean? London has a fast financial connection but hardware that is dated and too slow for competitive gaming uses. The system of transfer is broken. Bricklane’s location at the edge of the slow ping zone, as seen in the Site drawing, provides an ideal location for zero latency tourism. This is the driver for a video game environment dripping with instantaneous action responsiveness.

The playground is a retreat. A physical getaway from a digital malady. Lag is a thing of the past.